Existing owners

If you already own one or several buy to let properties and your circumstances or investment goals have changed, we will consider any buy to let property at a discount to market, with the promise of a very fast sale in return.

We have recently completed a purchase of a small freehold in less than 48 hours! While we benefited from a discount, the vendor had certainty that once the price was agreed we would not withdraw or amend our offer.

Estate agents

Your client may be in need of a quick sale for any number of reasons: debt, divorce, relocation, bereavement, etc.

Provided we have a clear understanding of the clients’ motivation, we will buy at discount in exchange for a binding price guarantee.

Solicitors/ Legal advisors

Your client may be the owner or beneficiary of an estate following a bereavement. In many cases your client may need or prefer a quick sale.

Whatever the motivation, once we have agreed a price at discount to market, we will agree to your completion date and undertake NOT to amend the agreed price.

Accountants/ Financial advisors

Your client may no longer want to own their property/portfolio given the changes to tax relief in 2018.

Your client may simply want to exit the market fast for any number of reasons. Subject to discount, we undertake to complete as fast as required with no change to our offer.

Loan or Debt advisors

Your client may not want or qualify for a secured loan or a debt relief product. Your solution may simply be too expensive, or the client may want a fresh start elsewhere.

Subject to understanding your clients motivation, we will provide a discounted offer which we promise not to amend or withdraw.

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